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Discussion on: I've been working on Startups for more than 4 years (ask me anything)

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Manolo Edge Ask Me Anything

Hey there, this is just from what I've experienced and applied to myself, so it might not apply to you or your company.

One of the most common things I've seen across multiple teams and companies is that they waste a lot of valuable time because of things such as a bad pipeline, a slow deployment process, bad coordination between the team resulting in incompatibility between different parts of the software, or different work-rates so a worker might be waiting for another part of the code, and just waits there doing nothing.

This, in my experience, ends up generating more work, or more unproductive work. I've seen this and experienced it in almost all Startups I've worked on.

One good thing to do is to keep track of where you are wasting most time and if it is valuable or not. Maybe you are spending a lot of time implementing little features only 2% of users will use whilst bugs are piling up...

I recommend you check this post about time management and productivity:

Also sometimes less is more, I say this because when overworking you tend to eat badly, you sleep less, you don't socialize as much, you don't exercise... and this results in much less performance in general. I really notice a big difference when sleeping well and exercising.

The only time I've collapsed from burnout, was because I spent 2 weeks working 12-14 hours, and a whole weekend without sleep, eating shit all day... In the end, my mind and body could handle it no more...

I recommend this other article about how important sleep can be:
Want to be a better developer? Take care of your sleep!

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Will Matz

This is very very relatable! Thanks for the response. I'm going to take a closer look at where we're experiencing inefficient dev processes and definitely keep prioritizing my own health!