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re: I have more or less carefully read through the comments here and I think this thread lacks an opinion from those who are really helping on SO. I a...

The annoying part is that you're half-right. SO is not, and should not, be the same kind of place as

But writing in a kind style doesn't mean making things longer and more padded out. It means not calling things obvious when they actually aren't, and not jumping on the worst possible interpretation of the other poster. Half the time, the polite way uses less words.

Stack Overflow is necessarily less inviting than "a dating site", and I think a lot of its critics either don't get that or don't care about it, but don't act like it's reached its peak already. That place has a lot of outright unnecessary rudeness, and, women are raised in a way that makes them strongly abhore rudeness.


But writing in a kind style doesn't mean making things longer and more padded out.

I never said that. Writing anything in a kind style is just a matter of courtesy and good manners. It is beyond the frames of any website all around the world.

Also, some communities are more friendly, some are less. Even the cited answer was not actually harsh. I mean, in my understanding everybody coding for food should have an ability to at least read error message before posting a question to SO. This is also a matter of good manners. And as a regular SO answerer, I don’t answer like this, but I pretty well understand people who are actually offended by the message like “I don’t care about reading error messages, hey, fools there, who knows answers, do google for me.” And trust me, it reads exactly like that.

Offtopic: Wikipedia editors are hundred times harsher if not ruder. Which, let’s face the truth, made Wiki such a great resource.

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