Discussion on: The 4-letter-word word that makes my blood boil

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What you seem to be irritated with is just someone's vision to be later developed. I can actually see nothing bad in using this 4-letter word. It is often an equivalent of picturing that - what a web page, web app, whetever device is supposed to do - should seem so easy and simple to end user.

I admit, sometimes, the word "just" seems to be used in a way as if the speaker claimed to have just found the simplest possible solution among the ramblings and wants to put an eureka end to the discussion and receive all the glory.

At any rate, "just" should only be an introduction to having a more detailed discussion, having the person explain their expectations, perhaps specify preliminary acceptance criteria, and the tech lead should then come back with the expense of "just".

As a front end developer I know that non-techie people tend to think that we have an arsenal of magic buttons that we just keep in our secret vault, and when a "just" comes - we probably JUST copy and paste it into the code.

But usually visionaires don't mean to offend developers or tech leads, and are open to take feedback.

When I sometimes rethink my reactions to this "just"-type of talks, I find my overreacting to actually be a problem in my bad interpretation of someone's intention. I think Milind's way of handling the 4-letter word is perfect as it throws the ball into the right hands at the moment of saying that word.

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Ted Hagos

+1. You should develop this into a full article. I can relate to what Marcus is saying because I've been at the receiving end of the just word, but I also know that not everybody is out to get you by just using just