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Discussion on: Motivation vs Self Discipline

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Johannes Zillmann

Well, that feels alright with me! But at the core, doesn't there need to be some motivation in the first place to start the self-discipline on top of it ? Or how you define your goals or get clarity on it to apply your self discipline on it ? I'm just struggling a bit with the clarity about which goals are worth going after it... independent from the method...

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Alex Gwartney Author

So yea you want to use the motivation to give you the idea to get started. And I would also use this as a way to choose what you think is going to be worth pursuing. Aka what are you most excited about to start with. I would say past that this is where the self discipline is going to come in to keep you on track. I would also say that even though if your following the self discipline and your still just dont feel happy with what your accomplishing it dont do it. Try something new and keep doing it until you find something that sticks.