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Things I would take into account:

  • Healthcare (you dont want to be stuck on a paradisiac island with no good nearby hospital nor dentist)
  • Education (I dont have any kids, but who knows ?)
  • Tranquility - somewhere with as few cars as possible (I hate cars)
  • Quality of life (diversity of landscapes, cultural & sportive activities,...)
  • Safety (exit those countries where you live like a prince in an ocean of misery)
  • Weather (because, you know... 🌧)
  • Remoteness (there are tons of places I'd love - like a lake in Canada - but that I find too remote)
  • Food quality

As for "where", I'd consider, sea side:

  • Some small towns on the west coast of France (Britany, or an island like île d'Yeu - yea, I'm French)
  • On a Greek island
  • Cinque Terre (Italy)
  • On a boat, sailing between those locations⛵

Or land side:

  • Somewhere in Tuscany (Italy)
  • Swizerland, somewhere near a lake (Geneva, Zurich, ...)
  • A small village in a countryside region of France, like those in Bourgogne for instance

[edit] Having a "good internet connection" will be off topic once starlink is deployed :)


At first I was surprised that Germany, Hungary, Baltic's and Scandinavia havent made the cut, and then I saw 'weather'.

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