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TestKube 0.6.0

We're happy to announce the version 0.6.0 of TestKube - an open-source test execution framework for Kubernetes. TestKube currently supports the execution of

There is a very rudimentary dashboard for monitoring test executions and results - a demo version is running at

The project docs are at - including installation instructions, etc.

The main GitHub repo is at

TestKube is still pretty early in its development, but the long term vision is to

  • Avoid vendor lock-in for test orchestration and execution in CI/CD pipelines
  • Make it easy to orchestrate and execute any kinds of tests without having to wrap them in docker-images or providing external network access
  • Make it possible to decouple test execution from build processes
  • Centralise all test results in a consistent format for "actionable QA analytics"

We would love to get your feedback; could this fit into your testing activities for applications running under kubernetes? If no - why not? If yes - what can we do to make it even better?

Great thanks in advance!

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