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Bottleneck Night: Hyper-casual Gaming

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Let's discuss bottlenecks in hyper-casual gaming!

There's a series of evening events devoted to technological bottlenecks that we've encountered during recent projects.

The first episode in this series will be hyper-casual gaming. We're honored to have a great group of speakers. Mark Ratchin of Supersonic Studios, Rotem Eldor of CrazyLabs, and Denis Romas of Innovecs.

One of the main problems that hyper-casual games are facing right now is a direct consequence of their popularity: homogeneity. Agree?

So, get ready to have fun and gain insight into #hypercasual #gamingindustry challenges and solutions.

Register here:
It's free!
Date/Time: 1/26 at 12pm EST & 7pm EET

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