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re: I might, checked the website and it looks great. And I've clarified my original post a bit and made it somewhat more neutral and less subjective. ...

This is not an official library from Microsoft. This is completely my vision of what has been written in the Microsoft Dev Guide since 2012. The development of the library was agreed with Microsoft and the project even received the status of Microsoft Bizspark Startup. At the same time, a Microsoft representative said that I didn’t need to somehow indicate a reference to Microsoft or Microsoft Windows. Over time, I wrote those components that were no longer in the Dev guide, but I needed in the same style. That's how it all grew, starting in May 2012.

Hey leob... I found this ...


Metro UI CSS developed with the advice of Microsoft to build the user interface and include: general styles, grid, layouts, typography, 20+ components, 300+ built-in icons. Metro UI CSS build with {LESS}. Metro UI CSS is open source and has MIT licensing model.

Good to know about the history, and that the project even received endorsement from Microsoft. I think that might be a relevant piece of background information also for prospective users of the library, and would be good to mention on the website, also to prevent confusion.

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