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Discussion on: Node, Express, SSL Certificate: Run HTTPS Server from scratch in 5 steps

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Ömer Gülen Author

Can you give further details about your reasons, please? I would like to learn more about the reason behind it.

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Lars Rye Jeppesen

Hi, sorry for my late reply.
So there are a lot of reasons for taking out certificate handling from your application.

I could list many of the reasons here, but it's easier for me to refer to this article which explains lots of the issues:

tldr; :

  • use a reverse proxy to send requests to your Node application
  • let the proxy handle certificates
  • this scales much better (think multiple servers)
  • performance is better (check benchmarks, it's remarkable)
  • enables easier http->https handling
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Ömer Gülen Author

Thanks for your further explanation, I will check them out!