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Discussion on: Vim: from foe to friend in 9 minutes

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Omer Hamerman Author • Edited on

Depends, sometimes it is sometimes it isn't, regex on its own when trying to achieve complex solutions is hard.
Many times a macro is just a faster simpler solution which allows you to think like a human being, and sometimes the only way is a macro. Search and replace is a single specific use-case, not a substitute to all macro powers.

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Vic Seedoubleyew

Thanks for the swift reply!

After thinking about all of this, my conclusion is the following:

  • I don't see how macros can change much my productivity
  • not having to move my wrists to the arrows, and using mainly the home row instead, is conversely a killer feature, which I can see making me a lot faster
  • the problem I have with switching is the following. Muscles only have a single memory. If I switch my muscle memory to vim, it means I will be very slow outside of vim. Which means either I have to go to vim every time I want to type anything, such as replying to each email, or I have to suffer frustration each time I type something outside of vim. If there was a way to change system-wide input settings to use an "embedded vim", I would definitely make the switch

I guess the situation is a bit the same as with switching to a Dvorak keyboard layout. I tried it before, and then I realized that I couldn't set it up on my phone, so I was super slow and frustrated on my phone. I moved back to a standard keyboard layout just because of that.

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Omer Hamerman Author

Hey Vic,

Basically I agree with the last 2 statements. With the first one not fully but I can only send you to the docs where you may find something I didn't say :)

About the "problem" with moving out of Vim, I agree but you'd be surprised to know that since Vim is deeply integrated a long time into any *nix system it's convention keys can be found almost anywhere. Even modern mail clients like SuperHuman integrated Vim shortcuts by default...

Personally I use the same for everything, even my MacOS desktops are configured to switch with Vim hjkl.

Another example is the terminal which can be set with set -o vi to provide Vim motions within the lines.

The same goes for IDEs obviously and many more...

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Vic Seedoubleyew

Thanks again very much for taking the time to clear things out for me. I really feel lucky to receive such guidance.

One crucial point for me is the ability to use Google Docs and Gmail. I tried looking online but so far haven't found any really good solution. VimAnywhere seems to be good for short non-formatted input fields, but not very convenient with Google Docs.

Would you by any chance have something to suggest?

Thanks a lot again!