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I go with it...
If I can afford it I switch my calendar to be a day to move SOMETHING along.

Unmotivated days for me = way less creativity so the order of the day is tasks that will move something along but not don't require a whole lot of thought.

Sometimes clock-punching happens. 😑


Sometimes clock-punching happens

Are you comfortable leaving early on those days (meaning is this allowed or encouraged at your place of work?)


It's absolutely not encouraged at work. 😖
That's why I gotta shift around the ole calendar to look busy (unfortunately) but being honest to myself that my work will not be inspirational THAT day 💁🏾

But when I have my own company (you have to talk it into existence 😁) I will allow folks to skip out so long as they are available for their coworkers - answer questions or attend meetings.

I find de-motivation is a symptom of boredom or frustration or physiological issues (lack of sleep). Get your stuff together and give me your A game.

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