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I have to learn how to interact with people, mentor them, coach them and get out of their way so that they can do their best work.

Thanks for great post.

I just got a position as development manager, i want to lean how to interact with people, mentoring, team leading in better way.

What should i do? Should i join a course?

What did you do learn all this?


There isn't a silver bullet, but there are many things you can do.
What I did:

1) I realized that being a development manager is a different job than being a developer. Depending on your level, you can still code, but priority must be given to people (not code).
2) I read everything I could about leadership, emotional intelligence, effective communication, personal interactions, etc.
3) I had a great mentor. Having a strong mentor to brainstorm situations and learn "how to think" on a daily basis is a great thing.
4) Experience. As for everything, you need practice. You get better as you go.

Just like coding, leadership is a journey, not a destination.

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