Given When Then in Swift tests

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Using spec testing framework like Quick is nice, which enables BDD style.

describe("the 'Documentation' directory") {
  it("has everything you need to get started") {
    let sections = Directory("Documentation").sections
    expect(sections).to(contain("Organized Tests with Quick Examples and Example Groups"))
    expect(sections).to(contain("Installing Quick"))

  context("if it doesn't have what you're looking for") {
    it("needs to be updated") {
      let you = You(awesome: true)

But in case you don't want additional frameworks, and want to live closer to Apple SDKs as much as possible, here are few tips.


This is from the book that I really like The Art of Unit Testing. If you don't mind the underscore, you can follow UnitOfWork_StateUnderTest_ExpectedBehavior structure

func testSum_NegativeNumberAs1stParam_ExceptionThrown()
func testSum_NegativeNumberAs2ndParam_ExceptionThrown()
func testSum_simpleValues_Calculated()

Given When Then

This is from BDD, and practised a lot in Cucumber. You can read more on https://martinfowler.com/bliki/GivenWhenThen.html.

First, add some more extensions to XCTestCase

import XCTest

extension XCTestCase {
  func given(_ description: String, closure: () throws -> Void) throws {
    try closure()

  func when(_ description: String, closure: () throws -> Void) throws {
    try closure()

  func then(_ description: String, closure: () throws -> Void) throws {
    try closure()

Then, in order to test, just follow given when then

func testRemoveObject() throws {
  try given("set to storage") {
    try storage.setObject(testObject, forKey: key)

  try when("remove object from storage") {
    try storage.removeObject(forKey: key)

  try then("there is no object in memory") {
    let memoryObject = try? storage.memoryCache.object(forKey: key) as User

  try then("there is no object on disk") {
    let diskObject = try? storage.diskCache.object(forKey: key) as User

I find this more interesting than comments. All are code and descriptive. It can also be developed further to throw the description text.

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