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Showcase Wakatime Statistics on Github Profile

If you’ve ever checked users' profiles on GitHub you may have noticed some user profiles have been personalized with images, trophies, skill badges, activity trackers, etc. This feature was introduced by GitHub sometime in July 2020, allowing users to showcase skills and badges on their profile.

If you are yet to personalize your profile on Github, you can follow the instructions in this post

Today, I want to share how I integrated my Wakatime dashboard stats on my Github profile.
First, Wakatime is an IDE plugin that helps you keep track of the amount of time you've spent coding, the projects you've worked on, the languages you've recently used, etc.

It is a very useful tool and helps programmers keep track of how much time you've spent working.

To do this, you must first have an account on Wakatime, if you're yet to do that, you can easily create an account here.

Follow the instructions here to integrate wakatime on your IDE, they support almost every IDE you can think of, just in case you don't find your IDE, you can reach out to them also.

Now, to the main reason why we are here...
After creating your account and integrating with your IDE, you can easily share your dashboard statistics on your Github profile.

Go to your wakatime dashboard and click on the share option as shown below:
Wakatime dashboard showing share option

From the options available, click on Embeddable charts

Alt Text
You'll be presented with options to customize just as shown below,
customize as you wish

Wakatime embed chart options

Once you're done with that, click on embed code and you're almost good to go,

Copy the code shown and then paste into your Github readme file.

You can check out how I did it in my Github profile dont forget to give me a star if you like it.

Thanks for reading.

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