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Discussion on: What are some good email providers?

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Oscar Ablinger Author

but it really depends if you want to be able to respond with the same domain.

Yes I'd need that. I want to use it as my primary email for buisness-related things, so answering from a different email would be a bit weird ^^
But can you not change your sending email regardless? I thought that was simply a string that is sent with the email?

I'm also fine with paying for it. I did look at protonmail before (and have a free one), but it's comparatively expensive and only offers 5 aliases (on the plus plan – any more would be wasted for me) and no catch-all afaik.

ImprovMX looks like a pretty cool service tbh. I don't think it fits me here, but cool to know that it exists.

So thanks for your comment :)