Discussion on: What are some common falsehoods about working as a software developer?

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That you ALWAYS have to be ahead of the curve in terms of latest languages, frameworks, processes, methodologies etc.

Personally I think the blog posting masses, with their "You absolutely must adopt this latest, greatest framework today!"-esque articles that seem to appear through the various technology/software development related channels all the time can add a huge burden to people in an environment where things like mental health and impostor syndrome are often talked about at length already.

It's almost like, at times, we are our worst enemies?

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Paweł Kowalski

"20 Frameworks you need to try in 2020"!!!!!!

Month later

"12 Frameworks you will love"


"Best 10 frameworks to jumpstart your career"

I stopped even reading those titles till the end, complete waste of time and content is usually so bad, you could literally read only names, open their websites and get better information within less time than read the post itself. But hey, people click those clickbaity things, they get engagement for years, so this has to be what people want, right?

"Incredible javascript tricks - backend developers hate him" - book by me, coming this year for only $99.97.

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Deepu K Sasidharan

I hate such titles as well, even more the actual content which just lists some stuff. Still, gave in and wrote one myself to see how it would perform, it actually performed quite good in views and likes, which was disappointing personally since such posts didn't take much time or effort to write, whereas there are many other posts which I spent quite a lot of time and effort and still didn't do as well as the click baity ones. I guess its still ok to make titles catchy as long as the content inside has quality. Unfortunately we don't live in a fair world.

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Sam Watts

I couldn’t agree with this more! I think it’s important for all developers, junior to senior, to not get lost in the sauce of the industries flavour of the week. Have faith in your own skill, and adopt different technologies that have a positive impact in the context of your work, not just because an article online told you to!

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Alex Dhaenens

I do agree to, I think that it is not about what you know, but about what you can learn. Languages and frameworks sprout everyday faster than you can read, but the ability that you can learn a given language or framework in a short period is, as I think, more imporant

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Sam Watts

Exactly, and having the knowledge to understand and reason why one technology is better suited to the task than another :)