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re: Wonderful post! For my own part I've been doing volunteer development for We need collective action as much as we need individ...

Thanks Luke. I completely agree with your thoughts on the need for collective action. I have supported Fridays for Future and I have been trying to get directly involved with Extinction Rebellion. I am familiar with the Sunrise Movement. I am impressed by and have admiration for what they/you are doing. Thank you for your contribution. You guys are doing great work. Stay strong and keep pushing my friend.


Fantastic! Fridays for Future and XR have done more for this cause and for the world in the last couple of months than many have been able to do over decades. It gives me great hope to know that you’re out there making a difference both at work and after work. Keep going, and always feel free to talk with me on days when hope is hard to come by.

Your offer is very kind and thoughtful Luke. I extend the same invitation back.

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