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I was around 11 or 12 years old when I got into doing dolling pixel art, bunch of girls teaching other girls how to do websites to showcase our dolls hahahaha it was my first experience with web development even though it was very basic html and css. Funky chicken was my main resource site ~

Later on I wanted to study graphic design but in the end decided to study computer engineering, my first real programming experience was with pascal. Had lots of fun during my studies. Had my I gotcha moment in structures & algorithms 2. I don't know how I managed to pass my subjects before, but that's when I finally understood how to program.

I still want to study graphic design (or take an art course) in the future since it's a bit difficult for me right now, so I just look, get inspired and drool with everything designers and illustrators showcase in sites like dribbble, instagram and uplabs. :3



Man, what a blast from the past 😂 I was a big fan of that site as well! Thanks for sharing your story.


what if I told you...

it's still alive!!

I was huge fan too, it was my favorite resource site when I was a kid :D

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