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Started in 2nd year, just for fun. Developed interest, started building projects, 20+ personal projects ,2 internships, 15+ free projects for needed, 10 freelancing projects. Graduated few days back.

Motivation - Giving something back to the community which can add some values in their lives.


very nice man! Keep it up :)


Hey, I am also learning web development and I have practiced a lot of individual concepts in HTML, CSS & JavaScript but I am a little lost about how to implement all those concepts together into a project. Do you have any tips?


i can help you out if you like. Send me a PM :)

I would be glad if you helped me too 😁
How can I reach out to you

I actually did it already 😂, check your mails


I personally recommend to have a look at others open source code of similar kind of projects. Get out of your comfort zone and start building projects that you see around you. You may or may not be able to implement fully but you will learn a lot. I would love to help if you need anything else. You can reach out to me at pankajtanwar510@gmail.com and for projects reference you can head over to my GitHub repo - GitHub.com/Pankajtanwarbanna

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