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Discussion on: Wordpress Sucks. Let's Switch to Static Site Generators!

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Glenn Paquette Author • Edited

Thanks Jacob!
Gatsby is definitely pretty popular. It's on the list! Jekyll as well. Nuxt seems to be quite popular as well! I remember your hackathon post, I hope that project is going well for you!

If your learning Vue and like it, have you considered Gridsome? I haven't heard much about it yet but I like that's it's based in Vue.

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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt

Gridsome (and Gatsby) is only alive because of plugins, IMO. Otherwise, writing codes for scratch is hard. And the availability of plugins depends on its popularity. That's why Gatsby is much better than Gridsome. Also, the documentation.

I myself currently try to learn Next.js, though. which encourages barebone-ness; unlike Nuxt where there are a lot of boilerplate to edit.

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Jacob Colborn

I'm going to read up on Gridsome now. This is the first I've been hearing about it, but it would be interesting to learn something new to compliment Vue. I've been really enjoying learning Vue so I hope to expand my knowledge of it overall.

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