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Should I learn Web Frameworks as a Beginner?

I have been doing front end web development on and off as a hobby for a few years now. I don't have any fully published works for public view, mostly due to self-doubt and thinking my code is 'ugly'.

Recently I have been more involved in front end coding and am starting to really love it more and more. My biggest issue is that there are so many resources out there that use frameworks and packages that do much of the heavy lifting for you. This sounds great but I feel it doesn't teach me very well, I want to know why the code works not just make it works.

My question is should I as someone who is still considered a beginner learn more about frameworks or is it better to focus on vanilla code?

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Focus on vanilla code. Frameworks will make you produce working code - but you won't understand what is going on. This is nothing you should want to achieve.

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Gabriel Laroche

I would suggest that you master the basics before touching any framework whatsoever. Also once you master the basics, you'll be able to learn and master any framework

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David Wickes