TypeScript with ESLint no-explicit-any

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This rule doesn't allow any types to be defined. It aims to keep TypeScript maximally useful. TypeScript has a compiler flag for --noImplicitAny that will prevent an any type from being implied by the compiler, but doesn't prevent any from being explicitly used.


The solution to this is not one, but two.

VSCode + ESLint should be able to check no-explicit-any on editing

That is, if you use Node.js. There is also one for Deno.

If you have to cast to any, consider unknown first; otherwise, use a validation library

I prefer zod.

GitHub logo vriad / zod

TypeScript-first schema validation with static type inference

import * as z from 'zod'

// @ts-ignore
const apiKey = z.string().parse(payload.apiKey)

TypeScript has no runtime check, and type system (in IDE only) is not always fine-grained enough

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