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Bagisto v0.1.4 Major Release Announced

The Open Source Laravel eCommerce Framework, Bagisto has announced their first major release which contains vast improvements and updates. You can download the latest release from here

Major Updates in New Release :

Support to Multi-Vendor Marketplace:

The most awaited Multi-Vendor Marketplace has also been released and is supportable with Bagisto v0.1.4. The marketplace makes it easier for you to convert your online store into multi-vendor marketplace thus allowing multiple sellers to sell on your website.

Laravel Multi-Vendor Marketplace Demo:

The marketplace gives the customers an ample option to choose the right product from various vendors on a single page.

Enhanced Multi-Warehouse Inventory Management

Multi-Warehouse Inventory is what every eCommerce merchant is eyeing for and for which they pay a heavy customisation charge to get that in their respective framework on which their online shops are built.

Bagisto Multi-Warehouse Inventory

Bagisto offers this exquisite feature out of the box. In the new feature, managing inventory at multiple sources have been enhanced allowing you to easily manage your inventory at the time of shipping.

GUI Installer

The installation has been made much simpler with the introduction of GUI Installer. Begin the process by providing basic database credentials and your store details, the remaining process will be taken care of by the installer.

Bagisto GUI Installer

However, you will still be able to install the project using composer by following the guide here: Bagisto Installation via Composer

Implementation of Product Flat

Bagisto uses the EAV(Entity-Attribute-Value) database pattern to store product data in multiple tables due to which sometimes processing becomes slow.

In the new version, we have implemented the product flat in which a new table is created on the go that stores product data automatically.

With the implementation of products flat, a robust subsystem for the product is created which makes things like searching, sorting, filtering etc faster on the storefront

Along with the above four major updates, there have been many critical bugs fixes looking to make the process of setting of online shop much easier and provide smooth browsing experience for your customers.

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azazqadir profile image
Muhammad Azaz Qadir

Progressive web apps are such a great way of increasing traffic and getting more sales. I am not sure why it's adoption is still slow. There are even CMS now that supports PWA. Bagisto is a great CMS for PWA development. They have an extension that can be used for PWA sites.

pathaksaurav profile image
Saurav Pathak

Yes, right. Even the PWA of Bagisto is now very optimized as per a report by Lighthouse. Check it out here: