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Discussion on: How are you winding down your year?

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Patrick Bradshaw • Edited on

My wife and I just moved to a different state (from Utah to Oregon, it's another time zone over) to be closer to family. About a month before our planned move, we found out we had carpet beetles (they're like bed bugs) and had to move sooner than we were prepared for. I was able to work out a remote position with my employer (first company I ever had programming job with, started ~2 years ago). I've never worked remotely before and turns out it is freaking hard for me. I have a desk right next to my bed in a big house with kids running around and dogs barking and so much activity (we live with my wife's parents). I also have bipolar disorder and my mood tanked in November which made it impossible to work from home. My wife and I only have one car, so she drives it to work (leaves at 6 in the morning, I usually don't stop working until 1 in the morning). So most days I walk about 40 minutes to the library or to a coffee shop to get some a couple of hours of quiet work time during the day. At any rate, I fell way behind at work and school (I take online classes working towards my bachelor's degree in software development), and recently decided to start looking for jobs and told my bosses that I was looking at moving on. They were really supportive, but it was kinda heavy, the company is super small.

So the end of 2019 is me trying to finish up all my tasks for this giant e-commerce project that slowly became mine at work. Tonight I figured out how to fetch my clients' Instagram photos to display on their website, I think I have 4 more tasks to do, plus all this school work.

I don't mind though, even if I'm feeling a little burned out by it. Programming has been kind of a neat "side quest" in my life and I look forward to many more years working like some sort of decrepit elf in front of a screen.