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re: Amazing work. If you plan to continue developing it, you can get inspired from Spotify's "year in review" feature.

That's where we got the inspiration from in the first place, we just had to adapt it to use the public info provided by the DEV.to API.

Thank you, Jakob! :)

If you have any suggestions please feel free to write a comment here or an issue / PR on GitHub.


Here are a bunch of random ideas (I didn't filter or analyze them. I raw material XD)

  • most popular post & comment
  • most shared post (Twitter, fb, etc. I think there used to be a way of tracking this)
  • most popular person I follow
  • most influential person that follows me
  • total count of comments and total reaction my comments received
  • my most noteworthy follower (the one that reacted / commented the most to my articles / posts)
  • AVG posts / comments per month / year
  • stats comparison between years
  • some stats related to tags (e.g.tags I commented the most on)
  • time spent reading (not sure this is available. Each article has an estimated necessary time. If DEV tracks all articles I read, then a sum of them. Otherwise, the sum of all articles I commented on)
  • count posts I loved
  • count posts I unicorned

Hope at least some of the suggestions will inspire you :)

All great ideas! We'll have to check if some of the required info is available through the API, though.

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