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Discussion on: Fellow runner devs out there? Would love to know what made you choose running

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Paulo Fernandes

Started running last year when I turned 40... first run was pitifull... 3,5Km, half that walking and I thought I was going to die...forward 1 year and now I'm training for my first marathon in November I'm averaging 25km a week and gaining, never been so fit in my entire life :)

I found out that it keeps me sane and acts like an escape from the stress of work (I also teach in a art school, HTML/CSS/Javascript to designers can be challenging)

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Preslav Rachev Author • Edited

I can imagine that the start of running was just as hurting as mine. Glad that you decided to keep on and I will have my fingers crossed for your first marathon. I am a bit concerned about running the whole distance myself, but I think this is only a matter of time.

As for becoming fitter than ever, I can totally relate. I lost around 15 kilos in the process (2 yrs ongoing), and gained muscle strength, I would have otherwise not been able to, just typing on the keyboard.

So yeah, the initial struggle totally pays off!