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DevOps Tools 2019

I am listing down some cool DevOps tools along with the categories they belong. Tell me which ones do you use.

Source Code Management -

Git, Mercurial, IBM Rational ClearCase, Subversion, etc.

Container Orchestration -

Docker, CoreOS, Kubernetes, Mesosphere DC/OS, Rancher, etc.

Continuous Integration (CI)/ Continuous Delivery (CD) -

BitBucket, JFrog, Shippable, Jenkins, Bamboo, GitLab, etc.

Configuration Management -

Puppet, Ansible, CFEngine, Chef, etc.

Build Automation -

Cake, Ant, Grunt, Maven, etc.

Monitoring -

Big Panda, App Dynamics, PagerDuty, Prometheus, etc.

Collaboration -

Basecamp, JIRA, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Confluence, etc.

Testing Framework -

Sauce Labs, Selenium, Zephyr, Tricentis Tosca, etc.

DevSecOps -

Evident, Aqua, CodeAI, SumoLogic, etc.

Now it's your turn, share your DevOps tools. Also, let me know what needs to be added to the list.

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Maximilian Berkmann

Source Code Management: Git
VCS: Github and Bitbucket
CI: TravisCI
Build: NPM (NPM scripts)
Monitoring: Codacy and BetterCodeHub
Collaboration: Slack, Discord and/or Messenger
Testing: TravisCI, Selenium and maybe Sauce Labs in the future
Security: Snyk and Codacy
Tasks/Project management: Trello, Glo and Github projects

rinkura26852026 profile image

Hey thanks for mantioning such information but you can also add more must have DevOps tools and technologies in this article to make it more intresting.

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Zeljka Zivanovic

I think Collaboration category is kind of messy: JIRA and Basecamp are ticketing systems, Ms Teams and Slack are chat apps and Confluence is wiki-alike. I agree they are somehow collaborative tools, but it is strange putting them in the same category... ://

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Felicitas Pojtinger

Git, LDK (Linux-Docker-Kubernetes), GitLab, GitLab, GitLab, Nextcloud, Jest, GitLab - 100% FLOSS, and it's all well integrated!