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Paweł Owczarek

Nice article, thanks :) ... but there is nothing about Frameworks. They are very important. Full-Stack Dev should know Spring Boot (JAVA) and Symfony (PHP) for creating REST APIs and Angular or React for Front End development. There is many topics covered which are less important than frameworks, that needed in work ;-).

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Not only Symfony but Slim is also great for creating simple API, as it names suggests, Slim is lightweight.
Design patterns such as MVC or ADR which the creator of Slim embraces ( I personally don't like it tho ) could be a plus.

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I've got the java developer roadmap
Core java(basic concepts, oops, collection framework, stream api)->advance java (servlets,JSP,JDBC)->build tool(maven/gradle)->framework (Spring/hibernate/play/grails etc)

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I totally get your point, Paweł. From the Employability Aspect, it makes a lot of sense to focus on the latest frameworks and libraries. However - as a learning roadmap - the goal of this article may be to focus on teaching you the underlying concepts and principles modern web apps rely on. I think if you got this essential knowledge and understand what goes on "under the hood", it'll be easy for you to pick up new languages & frameworks.

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