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I would suggest you to build your own webpage.
You will have to make it clean, pleasant and impacting.

You will have to go deeper in HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript to dynamize your webpage and why not PHP/SQL to send email, add a small blog, etc.

Moreover, you can use super "cheap" libraries available on GitHub. Here are some of my favorites:

For the little story; I only knew Python, Java, etc. a few months ago. So, I decided to build a webpage to improve myself (and I went from 'hello world' to with only stackoverflow and some curiosity !). That's why I recommend it to you, because you will learn step by step to build your own image and project, only related to you.

Good Luck and happy coding !


Thanks mate, very nice webpage. Black is my favorite tone, sick of seeing bright white all the time. I saw this on the web and thought it seems cover the theory behind it all and I'll check out GitHub latter, no point in re-inventing the wheel. :) Cheers tc


You're welcome, thanks for feedback; I would be glad to check your webpage too in a few months :)

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