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Discussion on: Remember to rest. There's more to life than code.

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peerreynders • Edited on

Typically I use fighting games and driving sims. Occasionally some GTA.

Hmmm… interesting.

I kind of left the Resistances, Halos, Dooms, and Wolfensteins (all SP) behind.

Two representative examples for my "comfort game genres":

  • Ketsui: Kizuna Jigoku Tachi
  • Wipeout Omega (single player only)

I'm a total scrub at the first one (which is perhaps a good thing) and it took me some time to get somewhat competent with the second (series). But there is always the question of the opportunity cost that has been incurred.

Recently for my own perspective I've made this observation about these genres:

  • repetitive
  • predictable (judged by some as boring)
  • skill-based

It's the skill-based aspect that can still eat away at the energy meter. So my recommendation is to scrutinize, unpack and examine your preferences.

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Patrick Wendo Author

Some games like Hitman do come in as proper problem solving games. The more you play the level the more you realise new ways to finish the missions. They can be very relaxing every now and then. The reason I mention hitman is because it is also repetitive and predictable. Your skill level is judged by your knowledge of the level and the game mechanics.