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Allow me to disagree with point 2. Regardless of how shallow the domain is, or how addicted are your users to your product, it is still your main revenue generator.

I used to work for the betting industry, which is not a very noble domain. I would classify it in the same category as Instagram. Nice to have, no one will die for a small downtime.

Though if you did a mistake that caused a 20 minute outage on Saturday noon (bookmaker's time) the damage could be up to a million dollars. Not something to take lightly, right? :)

My point is, do not put yourself in self-punishment mode, but act with great sense of responsibility even if you don't make software for pacemaker devices


I intended to write the exact comment like this one. Completely agree with comment and disagree with number 2. True, no one would die from 10min outage on Instagram, but the losses will pile up.
What if its fintech product? Trader unable to put his bid on the stock exchange, for 10 minutes? No one would die, right, but the consequence for investment fond and its clients would be massive.


Sure thing, the are industries where mistakes cost a lot, that's why I'm saying that "in most cases" nothing serious will happen.

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