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re: Could not agree more with the post :) I have had great experiences with Technical Recruiters and then others that did a lot of what you mentioned a...

Hi Colin,

In software related sectors recruitment is pretty active, comparing to the rest of the sectors in the country. Also, workplace quality is significantly higher on average compared to non-software companies.

About LinkedIn chases, I wouldn't say they are that many, I would say 1 per 2-3 days. But the dynamics are way different compared to Chicago and the US in general :)




The dynamics are different in what way? (love the game theory of this stuff)

So Greece has the following qualities imho:

  • It is a great place to live of you have above average income
  • It has great engineering schools ( not famous just of high quality in terms of syllabus and work done, though they have different kind of problems )
  • Salaries are way cheaper comparing to most of EU
  • Greeks are multilingual and have experience with working nicely with non Greeks eg tourism

So the market is relatively more evolved than other sectors as serious companies tend to open dev departments here and usually they are satisfied with the results.


The government historically works against the corporate world (micro politics and short vision of governance), both companies and employees, in terms of laws and tax policy.

Also, sadly, there is no guarantee that things will still be "equally good" if the government change as each one tends to rip off the work of the previous government if they are against, in terms of ideology. Even if it is working.

Such things( along with potential corruption and bureaucracy) prevent things to become even better on the software sector.

Hope I answered 😄 and hope it will get better soon


Wow! Thank you for the response! I love learning about other counties and economies.

I was aware that many Greeks are multilingual and that Greece is a great place to live, many great universities ( I had the privilege of knowing a few of Greek's in college)

Yes, I agree that often one government undoes what the prior party/group did. It is unfortunate and does not help the majority of the county.

Great to learn more about the Greek tech community/economy.

My Regards,
Colin Rhys

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