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re: Nobody seemed to ask this yet - what is your favorite sport? I definitely need those physical competitive juices to keep me balanced after coding...

My favorite sports to play right now are basketball and soccer. I play pick-up basketball most weekends, and I'm on a fairly-competitive soccer team (we just won our league!).

My most serious sport at any moment in time was Rugby (Union) during college. I was the captain of my team for two years and played second row (lock) before transitioning to inside center. I think rugby is an amazing sport to play and watch because the action is so fluid and it requires players to be fit and coordinated as well as bruising and tough.


Rugby looks so intense and fun. I'd love to just try it out a few times. I was really small and didn't really hit my growth spurt till the end of high school so I never considered real physical sports like football.

I've been in love with basketball though since I can remember. Was undersized in high school but basically made the team by being an amazing shooter and hustling my ass off. I still play pick up pretty regularly but I also train muy thai kickboxing and Kali/Escrima (filipino stick fighting).

I enjoy playing all kinds of sports with friends though (Tennis, soccer, football, water polo, whatever is going down). But ya, never played rugby yet.

Rugby is a tough game to play at a "pickup" level. There's a variant called "touch" that's pretty fun, but it's completely different from a normal game with contact.

I'd recommend sitting down and watching a highlight video which will give you a sense of why rugby is so exciting and dynamic. And then if you can find a local pub that shows some big international games, you can go watch with die-hard fans which is an awesome experience in itself.

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