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Any big Hacktoberfest plans this time around?


No BIG plans this time around.

Right now, I'm debating if I want to continue with the Halloween countdown timer I did last year, or come up with something new or different. Most likely, I'll continue with the countdown timer, but I do need to decide if I want to build on where I left off last year. Or, archive that version, strip it down to the bare bones and open it up for contributions again (restarting it, I guess).

I'm almost done with a Udacity, Mobile Web Specialist nanodegree where I'm learning a lot about progressive web apps. I can see a lot of those technologies being good ideas for issues/improvements to the countdown timer.

What about you Peter? Any big (or spooky) plans for Hacktoberfest this year?


We're hosting a Hacktoberfest event in NYC which I'm really excited about. I imagine folks will work on a wide variety fo projects, but hopefully some will make contributions to the DEV codebase itself :)

Awesome! If I was local to NYC I'd stop by.

I've yet to do an in-person hackathon. Any tips from a contributor or hosts perspective?

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