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Looks great, thank you for sharing!!

I've been using todometer all day and have been enjoying it so far.

I had a few small comments / requests, for you, or anyone who wants to submit a pull request.

  • I enjoy tabbing / shift-tabbing, to keep things keyboard-only. The animation feedback that indicates where the "focus" is currently at is definitely helpful, but it also disappears rather quickly. It might be helpful to extend that indicator slightly -- just so you don't get "lost" as you alt-tab around.

  • It's nice to push items down to "do later," and I recognize that you can "reset progress" and send everything back up at once. Ideally, it would be possible to send an individual item back to the main queue; like a "reverse" on the main functionality. So, basically, having the yellow "pause button" visible on the "Do Later" items that sends them back up.

Also, one quick observation / feedback:

  • I had attempted to use the cmd+Q hotkey to close the app and noticed that it didn't work. To my knowledge, this was my first time I'd seen that on a desktop app for Mac. I'm curious if Electron provides any feedback/guidance on which global hotkeys developers are supposed to enable on their apps.

Again, GREAT job and thank you for sharing. I look forward to using todometer and hopefully contributing one day :)

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