Discussion on: Turning a side interest in programming into a data engineering career, with Josh Laurito

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Peter Kim Frank

Great article. I love this advice from Josh:

When I’m hiring, I love seeing what people have done before, either at work or on their own. I think the number one complaint about data-oriented people in industry is that we aren’t always good at shipping products out the door, so knowing that someone actually gets stuff done means a lot to me.

I would echo this sentiment and mention that I think the rationale applies outside the field of data, as well. "Dumb fun projects" show employers that you can conceive an idea, execute it, and ship it. Provides a window into your pattern of thinking and gives a potential employer plenty of context to ask you questions about your decisions, what you would have done differently, etc.

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josh laurito

Thanks Peter!

I think a lot of us have severe imposter's syndrome, and are scared to share our work. One of the best ways to get over that is to actually share our work, and realize that the sky won't fall on us.