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Don't Be Like Me...Squirrel...

This is a cautionary tale of staying on track when learning something new!

So there I was, maybe three to four weeks into my Gatsby learning and site creation. Everything was going great, I had a basic albeit unexciting template in place and I was rapidly working on converting fives years of WordPress posts into the new format.

Then I had an idea, an idea that would make the design even better and simpler to maintain going forward.

That is where it all went pear shaped as us Brits say. The next thing I knew, my design was completely broken and I had switched my focus from transferring content to fixing CSS and learning new more modern ways to do things.

Now I'm stuck between that rock and that place.

So don't be like me, stick with that initial simple idea that you had as an excuse to learn something new and see it through to the end. Avoid the bright lights along the road and those candy stands.

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