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Discussion on: Hacktoberfest 2021 is Here 🎃

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Prashant Ghildiyal • Edited on

Happy Hacktoberfest everyone, we would love for you to contribute to Devtron.

Devtron is honoured to celebrate it's 1st hacktoberfest with the community all across the globe. Devtron is an an Opensource End-to-End Software Delivery workflow for Kubernetes. It leverages popular DevOps tools to provide a No-Code, Unified Heroku-like Experience for Kubernetes.
You can find more details here

You can contribute to our repos like:

  1. Devtron
  2. Silver Surfer

You can also contribute in terms of Blogs and Videos:

  1. Community Contribution

We can't wait for all the passionate developers to share their insights and contributions with us. Finally, we have great giveaways planned ahead.
You can find our repo Devtron here:

GitHub logo devtron-labs / devtron

Software Delivery Workflow For Kubernetes