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Hacktoberfest 2021 is Here 🎃

Heads up: @nickytonline and I are kicking off Hacktoberfest with a celebration on the DEV Community Twitch stream TODAY! Join us at 9 AM PT/12 PM ET/ 4 PM UTC here

The worldwide celebration of open source projects and contributions is back – and for the eighth year in a row, it’s hosted by our friends over at @DigitalOcean.

We’re excited to follow your journey from Friday, October 1 through Sunday, October 31, 2021 right here on DEV. But before we share exactly how you can participate in the DEV Hacktoberfest celebration in 2021, please let us know if you plan to participate by leaving a comment in this thread. If you’re an open source project maintainer seeking contributions for Hacktoberfest this year, the community would love to hear all about your project here.

Let's talk about how you can participate in Hacktoberfest 2021…

1. Review Open Source Etiquette Guidelines

To ensure you’re making valuable contributions to open source projects this month, we encourage you to check out this open source etiquette guide from last year that will help inform you before making your pull requests. It always helps to review this information – even if you’ve contributed to open source projects before 😊

2. Sign Up

  • Sign up for Hacktoberfest 2021 to participate

3. Make 4 Hacktoberfest Pull Requests

  • Make at least four pull requests (PRs) by October 31 in any participating GitHub-hosted repository/project
  • Your PRs will count toward your participation if they are in a repo with the hacktoberfest topic and once they have been merged, approved by a maintainer, or labeled as hacktoberfest-accepted.
  • Maintainers can opt-in to participate by classifying their projects with the hacktoberfest topic (find a list of opted-in projects here )
  • Any PR with the hacktoberfest-accepted label, submitted to any public GitHub repository, with or without the hacktoberfest topic, will be considered valid.

3. Earn Cool Prizes, Plant Trees

By participating in Hacktoberfest 2021, you'll gain more open source experience and get the chance to earn some Hacktoberfest prizes. For the second year in a row, DigitalOcean is offering an alternative to their traditional Hacktoberfest t-shirt prize: a plant-a-tree alternative! While those Hacktoberfest t-shirts are coveted and amazing, it always feels good to help the planet and reduce waste 🌲

4. Share your Hacktoberfest 2021 Story on DEV

We encourage all participants of Hacktoberfest to share their journeys with us on DEV by using the #hacktoberfest tag. Why? The community always benefits from reading stories about other open source contributions so they can improve their own participation in the ecosystem. Oh, and we’ll also be offering anyone who shares a #hacktoberfest post on DEV (who is also a registered Hacktoberfest participant) a limited edition Hacktoberfest 2021 profile badge. To receive your badge at the end of the month, just keep your eyes out for a post by @thepracticaldev where you'll submit your email and a bit of information about your participation. Don’t miss these badges – once Hacktoberfest 2021 is over, we’ll never be awarding them again. If you'd like a badge on your CodeNewbie Community profile, too, just cross-post your DEV article there this month.

Be sure to follow the tag, as the DEV/Forem team will be publishing our own helpful Hacktoberfest content all month long!

Not sure about what kind of Hacktoberfest post you should share with us? Click here for a Hacktoberfest post template where you can choose between a few ideas — or write your own Hacktoberfest post from scratch.

We can't wait to read your Hacktoberfest story ❤️

5. Join DEV/Forem on Twitch

Throughout the month, @nickytonline and I will be livestreaming about Hacktoberfest! Follow us on Twitch at to be notified when a stream begins. 👾

Join us for the first Hacktoberfest stream today at 9 AM PT/12 PM ET/ 4 PM UTC on Twitch

6. Share your Hacktoberfest progress, discuss, and get help

  • Ask a question about Hacktoberfest by using the tags #hacktoberfest and #help (– hint: use this template if you’ve never published a help thread on DEV. Don’t forget to include the #hacktoberfest tag, too!)
  • Discuss your Hacktoberfest journey in this thread
  • Tell us when you've completed all PRs in this thread

7. Contribute to Forem!

For the second year in a row, Forem (the open source software that powers DEV) is actively seeking Hacktoberfest contributions! We would be honored to be amongst your four PRs this month.

>> Check out all the Hacktoberfest-eligible bugs in the Forem codebase

We hope you have a blast contributing to/celebrating open source this month. Tell us all about it here on DEV when you get the chance!

Happy Hacktoberfest 2021 🎃

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wingkwong profile image

Happy Hacktoberfest! We invite you to contribute NocoDB.

NocoDB is an open source Airtable alternative.

NocoDB works by connecting to any relational database and transforming them into a smart spreadsheet interface! This allows you to build no-code applications collaboratively with teams. NocoDB currently works with MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite, Amazon Aurora & MariaDB databases.

Also NocoDB's app store allows you to build business workflows on views with combination of Slack, Microsoft Teams, Discord, Twilio, Whatsapp, Email & any 3rd party APIs too. Plus NocoDB provides programmatic access to APIs so that you can build integrations with Zapier / Integromat and custom applications too.

GitHub logo nocodb / nocodb

🔥 🔥 The Open Source Airtable Alternative - Powered by Vue.js ❤️

🎃 The Open Source Airtable Alternative 🎃

Turns any MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, SQLite & MariaDB into a smart-spreadsheet

Build Status Node version Twitter


The Open Source Airtable Alternative - works on MySQL, Postgres SQL Server & MariaDB

NocoDB - The Open Source Airtable alternative | Product Hunt

Quick try

1-Click Deploy


Deploy NocoDB to Heroku with 1-Click

Using Docker

docker run -d --name nocodb -p 8080:8080 nocodb/nocodb:latest
Enter fullscreen mode Exit fullscreen mode

To persist data you can mount volume at /usr/app/data/.

Using Npm

npx create-nocodb-app

Using Git

git clone
cd nocodb-seed
npm install
npm start


Access Dashboard using : localhost:8080/dashboard

Join Our Community














Rich Spreadsheet Interface

  •  Search, sort, filter, hide columns with uber ease
  •  Create Views : Grid, Gallery, Kanban, Gantt, Form
  •  Share Views : public & password protected
  •  Personal & locked Views
  •  Upload images to cells (Works with S3, Minio, GCP, Azure, DigitalOcean, Linode, OVH, BackBlaze)
  •  Roles : Owner, Creator, Editor, Viewer, Commenter, Custom Roles.
  •  Access Control : Fine-grained access control even at database, table & column…
pghildiyal profile image
Prashant Ghildiyal • Edited

Happy Hacktoberfest everyone, we would love for you to contribute to Devtron.

Devtron is honoured to celebrate it's 1st hacktoberfest with the community all across the globe. Devtron is an an Opensource End-to-End Software Delivery workflow for Kubernetes. It leverages popular DevOps tools to provide a No-Code, Unified Heroku-like Experience for Kubernetes.
You can find more details here

You can contribute to our repos like:

  1. Devtron
  2. Silver Surfer

You can also contribute in terms of Blogs and Videos:

  1. Community Contribution

We can't wait for all the passionate developers to share their insights and contributions with us. Finally, we have great giveaways planned ahead.
You can find our repo Devtron here:

GitHub logo devtron-labs / devtron

Software Delivery Workflow For Kubernetes

nickytonline profile image
Nick Taylor • Edited

Friday is here. It's go time! 😎

If you want to join the Hacktoberfest kickoff, come hang with @coffeecraftcode and me at 4pm UTC on the DEV Twitch stream!

kingabzpro profile image

How are you adding these embeded card?

shobu95 profile image
Shoaib Ahmed

Participating for the second time, this time as a Maintainer. Do look at my two repositories for contribution.

Flutter ->
Android (Kotlin) ->

vicviral profile image
Victor Loveday

I'll be glad to contribute, watch out for my pull requests, thanks and happy Hacktober Fest

shobu95 profile image
Shoaib Ahmed

looking forward to it.

bemmio profile image
Edward Mike


shubhambattoo profile image
Shubham Battoo

Hoping people won't start spaming PRs again! Happy Hacktoberfest

manuelalferez profile image
Manuel Alférez Ruiz

Hey folks!
If you are looking for some projects to contribute to, check this out:

Chatcus 🌵


A chat application using React.js and Socket.IO
reactjs | tailwindcss | socketio | chat-application

ayeolakenny profile image

Ill be glad to contribute, whatch out for my pull request, thanks and happy hacktober fest

maxprogramming profile image
Max Programming

I invite everyone to contribute to a project I made to easily find eligible participating repositories in the Hacktoberfest 2021!
Would love to get contributions there too!

shaijut profile image
Shaiju T

Nice 😄

FYI, @coffeecraftcode Hacktoberfest Etiquette for Contributors is pointing to 2020 post, and the link on that post links to other 2020 posts , its confusing.

coffeecraftcode profile image
Christina Gorton

Thanks for pointing that out. I believe the links should be fixed now :)

patarapolw profile image
Pacharapol Withayasakpunt

As for me, contributions are welcomed here.

GitHub logo rep2recall / r2r-cli

CLI and programmability-focused memorizing flashcard app.

GitHub logo zhquiz / zhquiz

Quiz for Chinese Hanzi, Vocab and Sentence daily!

You can also ask more of my project to join Hacktoberfest, for example the popular ankisync2.

I will try to make meaningful PR's this month too.

arjun2905 profile image

4 PR's done
Today I successfully merged my 4 pull request's. So I thought to share this happy moments with you all.

johanneslichtenberger profile image
Johannes Lichtenberger

You're invited to work on a database system, tailored to store and query the full history of your data. The system stores a huge persistent tree of index trees in a log-file, but we also plan to store databases in a distributed log as for instance Apache Kafka or Apache Bookkeeper.

Any help is greatly appreciated. You don't have to be a database expert. You can also work on several smaller issues as well as on custom made SieixDB HTTP clients for different languages.

GitHub logo sirixdb / sirix

SirixDB is a temporal, evolutionary database system, which uses an accumulate only approach. It keeps the full history of each resource. Every commit stores a space-efficient snapshot through structural sharing. It is log-structured and never overwrites data. SirixDB uses a novel page-level versioning approach called sliding snapshot.

An Evolutionary, Accumulate-Only Database System

Stores small-sized, immutable snapshots of your data and facilitates querying the full history



Download ZIP | Join us on Slack | Community Forum

Working on your first Pull Request? You can learn how from this free series How to Contribute to an Open Source Project on GitHub and another tutorial: How YOU can contribute to OSS, a beginners guide

"Remember that you're lucky, even if you don't think you are, because there's always something that you can be thankful for." - Esther Grace Earl (

SirixDB uses a huge persistent (in the functional sense) tree of tries, wherein the committed snapshots share unchanged pages and even common records in changed pages. The system only stores page-fragments instead of full pages during a commit to reduce write-amplification. During read operations, the system reads the page-fragments in parallel to reconstruct an in-memory page.

SirixDB currently…

funbeedev profile image

Bible Before Bread is a Gatsby based website project to encourage a daily habit of reading the bible ✝️
If it interests you check it out and give a star, we'll appreciate contributions during Hacktoberfest and beyond 😃

GitHub logo funbeedev / BibleBeforeBread is a website to encourage a daily habit of reading God's word through featured verses and a variety of interactive features.


Bible Before Bread - Read your bible before your breakfast

📜 About 📜

BibleBeforeBread is a website to encourage a daily habit of reading God's word through featured verses and a variety of interactive features. This is a work in progress with the aim of creating unique web app features that will provide a fun way to interact with scripture and ultimately bring you closer to our Lord Jesus Christ ✝️.

Want to get involved in this project? Contributions are welcome!
Read the CONTRIBUTING rules and see the ISSUES section for ways you can help out.

⚙️ Useful to know ⚙️

Website domain is

Hosted on Netlify.

Built using Gatsby, a React-based framework.

New to Gatsby? Follow the Gatsby tutorials to learn about how Gatsby works.

This site uses the gatsby-starter-hello-world repo on GitHub as the base. You may read through that repo to understand…

mastermind profile image

super hyped for this year!🔥🔥

funbeedev profile image

Hi All,

The Inspirezone GitHub organisation is accepting contributions for a series of "TeachMeLikeIm5" repositories.
We are accepting code snippet style contributions on beginner friendly tutorials for JavaScript, Python, C and Bash.

Consider grabbing an issue in any one of these repositories!

GitHub logo inspirezonetech / TeachMeJavaScriptLikeIm5

Teach the JavaScript programming language using a collection of super beginner friendly tutorials and challenges.

GitHub logo inspirezonetech / TeachMePythonLikeIm5

Teach the Python programming language using a collection of super beginner friendly tutorials and challenges.

GitHub logo inspirezonetech / TeachMeCLikeIm5

Teach the C programming language using a collection of super beginner friendly tutorials and challenges.

GitHub logo inspirezonetech / TeachMeBashLikeIm5

Teach the Bash programming language using a collection of super beginner friendly tutorials and challenges.

budibase profile image
Budibase • Edited

Hello hackers and happy Hacktoberfest! We welcome and invite you to contribute Budibase.

Budibase is an open-source low code platform for building internal tools, and a modern alternative to Retool, Outsystems, and Mendix.

From start to finish, it's possible to build an internal tool in just a few minutes.

Budibase is different from other platforms, you can choose to build internal tools using Budibase's own database, or load data from MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, MongoDB, and more. When it comes to building your interface, you can select from a catalog of accessible components. Budibase internal tools work on mobile, tablet, and desktop.

And what's truly special, is Budibase has its own automation interface for automating the manual processes within workplaces - it also integrates with Zapier, Integromat, Slack, and more.

It's possible to deploy Budibase using Docker, K8s, Digital Ocean. We launch our new Cloud platform in a couple of days 🚀

We appreciate all contributions and thank-you!

Joe [Cofounder of Budibase]

Check out our repo: