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Prasanna Kumar
Prasanna Kumar

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fastget - ultra fast download files over HTTP(S)

fastget is an open source CLI tool and Go library to ultra fast download files over HTTP(S).


  • Concurrent download of files over HTTP(S) if server supports Accept-Ranges. Otherwise, fallback to single thread download.
  • Increase no. of concurrent workers to speed up download. Use flag --workers.
  • Add curl like custom headers to authentifacte HTTP(S) requests. Use flag --header.
  • Specify output file to write downloads. Default to file name of URL.


fastget Demo

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louislow profile image
Louis Low • Edited

Nice! I also create a similar program many years ago, written in C, very low-level, very efficient. It's called the Blackhole.

qm3ster profile image
Mihail Malo • Edited

For CLI tool written in Rust, see