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Monthly review: October

Philipp Hansch
Hi, I'm Philipp, a full stack developer currently focusing on Rust where I'm on the Clippy team. I appreciate clean and well tested code and enjoy playing with new technology.
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New Sponsors

Thanks to @oli-obk and @yaahc, my very first sponsors 🎉

What I’ve worked on

My main goal for November was getting all the sponsoring figured out and set up.The first half of the month was more or less about figuring out all this stuff andmaking sure sponsoring is fine with my employer. This included:

The second half of the month I had more time to work on Rust things:

Unfortunately I got sick with a strong cold at the end of the month and I’mstill recovering from it as I’m finishing up this post, so I’m going to keepthis months review a bit shorter and focus on getting healthy again.

This November I hope to finish up my two existing Clippy PRs (1,2) but I will also be on holiday for two weeks. The remaining time Iwant to try and see how I can help out with the effort over atannotate-snippet-rs.

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