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Agorakit is looking for more developers

philippejadin profile image Philippe Jadin ・2 min read

Agorakit is web-based, open source groupware for citizens.
By creating collaborative groups, people can discuss topics, organize events, store files and keep everyone updated as needed.
Agorakit is a forum, calendar, file manager, mapping tool and email notifier.

Fist have a look at our presentation website : https://agorakit.org

Then, you'd like to contribute to agorakit? Thank you !

You are a communication & support person?

  • Talk about the project to people who might need it
  • Install it for non technical users/friends/groups
  • Help on the translations / add new translations
  • Write end users documentation
  • Enhance the presentation website with pictures and better texts. It's all there waiting for your pull requests : https://github.com/philippejadin/agorakit-website
  • Support existing users (I'm considering the creation of a support forum using... agorakit, let me know what you think)
  • Send me an email if you use the tool or are considering it. I love feedback! (info (at) agorakit.org)

There are tons of way to contribute, everything is highly appreciated.

You are a developer proficient with laravel/php/html/css/js?

  • You are a backend developer with experience of the Laravel framework: add new features, fix bug, write tests, document everything. I happily accept pull requests if they pass unit tests and follow the project philosophy
  • You are a frontend developer with experience of the Laravel framework: the current UI is not pretty, make it brilliant. Fix UX as you see fit. I happily accept pull requests if they pass unit tests and follow the project philosophy. We don't want the project to become a one page app powered by the latest "à la mode" js framework.
  • If you have some time to give to this project, there are already some issues to fix (see. https://github.com/philippejadin/agorakit/issues). Whether you have one hour per day or one hour per month, help is really appreciated! And remember, "talk is silver, code is gold" :-)
  • Let's talk in the issue queue if your idea involves big changes.

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Philippe Jadin


I'm a multimedia developer and creator since late 90's. Beside working with kids and teenagers in a fablab in Molenbeek, Belgium for fablabke.be, at night I code : agorakit.org


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Looks cool! I've always supported many movements but only in online petitions and what not. Actual activist groupings / meetings where never my thing.

Maybe contributing here could be a step towards helping / being involved, in my own way!


You are more than welcome! Just ping me on info [at] agorakit.org :-)