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Discussion on: Don’t waste your time learning everything

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Hoang Trinh

I totally agree with what is said in the title. Focus is the key.

Just 2 questions:

  1. I've just started with machine learning for a couple of months, and I chose Python right from the beginning (my gut told me that I shouldn't need R), and I also chose Pytorch over Tensorflow. But can you please explain why Swift for Tensorflow is pretty much dead?

  2. Do you think Rust is just the new hype or is it truly great?

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Waylon Walker Author
  1. Honestly I have no Idea. I am assuming that they are using the swift lanuage rather than python. swift is a lanuage mostly used for native ios development.
  2. I have written hello world in rust, thats it. If I were to pick up a low level language it would likely be rust. That said I have been using a lot of cli tools written in rust and they are great! I love how well cross platform they seem to be. (bat, exa, broot)