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re: Creating a basic website with Express.js VIEW POST


Wow, this was great! I've been wanting to learn more about the MEAN stack forever and this seems like the most concise, straightforward tutorial I've seen!

Is there an easy way to support a large number of endpoints, say, a bunch of UserIDs that load their recent scores from a game?



To be honest I don't understand the question (most likely my bad). Would something like this help /?userID=94564,5464,46464 then you take the number and split them.

If my tutorial on Building a RESTful API with Express and MongoDB doesn't answer it, then I'm happy to help if you could give me some more info!


I think that tutorial does answer it. Now I'm just trying to get this example to work on my Digital Ocean server :) Trying to figure out this Babel stuff to be able to run 'import' :) haha. Lots of fun and learning.

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