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Discussion on: Decentralizing Video Games - An Introduction

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Paul Gadi Author

For sure we need to be vigilant. Platform lock-ins happen because corporations are incentivized to do so, and the larger ones will have the resources to affect legislature. We need organizations like the EFF now more than ever.

It may be disheartening when most people don't care, but I think It's more important to reach out to those few who will actually listen and try to do something about it.

It also helps to connect with other people who are also trying to effect change. I was at EthDenver, a Web 3.0 conference, and was energized seeing all of the activists, entrepreneurs and developers. There are actually a lot of people looking at the underlying economics of industries and collaborating together on how they can fix them. That might be something worth looking into to bring back some of the hope! :D