Comment from a deleted article or podcast

This is great stuff, thanks for sharing it!

Two things that I've tried a little differently in the last couple years, which seem to have been helpful in starting the New Year.

1) Taking as much time as I can off around year end (This year I took 16 days). This helps both with recharging and getting a burst of energy, and also (more importantly) with getting back to a clean slate. I find it easier to make lifestyle changes when I've had some time to step away from my ordinary automatic habits and routines.

2) Changing lots of things at once, but all related to a singular common theme. This is a little different than what you've recommended in the article but sort of similar in spirit. I adjusted my approach after realizing that any time I try to change just one habit at a time I'm not patient enough to do that, but if I try a bunch of (individually very small) modifications to my routine all at once that have a common goal, I can let some succeed, let some fail, and learn from what worked and what didn't.

These are the things that seem to be working for me, but I'm also super curious about what others think on this topic.