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How To Sell Online Fitness Programs

Due to the spread of corona virus, many governments have implemented the rule that gyms, yoga studios and swimming pools will remain closed for the next 12 months. This has drastically affected gym owners, yoga teachers businesses. So at present, many fitness instructors have started their own online fitness studio, started selling fitness programs online and they have been able to reach more people beyond borders. Many people have moved to an alternative solution that is doing a workout at home by watching fitness videos online. Online Fitness programs have become a trend as many have decided to do work out at home themselves.

Online fitness Studios are Video streaming platforms where fitness instructors perform exercises so that users can watch videos to learn exercises it’s a kind of virtual gym. Through an online fitness studio, you can share workouts, training plans, nutritional diet and health tips and exercise courses. This remains an excellent opportunity for fitness instructors to online fitness as this helps in reaching more people virtually literally from any location.

It’s better to start online fitness programs where you need to build a Video platform with help of a video platforms provider so that people can workout videos at any time, anywhere and on any devices like mobile, laptops and TV. With this online fitness studio, you can train more people without the need of hiring an extra trainer, expanding your training facility and spending more time. So let get into the main topic of how to sell online fitness programs

How to Start Online Fitness Programs in 4 steps

1. Choosing the Business Model

There are two business models: TVOD and SVOD. A business model needs to be chosen depending upon the type of business you run.

Transactional Video on Demand(TVOD): It is a Model where users pay money one time to access the video content permanently or even download it. The transactional model is best when you want to teach a particular topic or exercise, workout routine and even workshop. You can sell a single series of videos as a package such as training plans, exercise, nutritional plans and workout tips. Once the customer bought this video content from you they don’t need to buy it again and they access the content for an entire lifetime


  • Once the Video product is ready you can sell it for an entire lifetime
  • You can sell video products on average between $75 and $100
  • You can market your online fitness training business in person and also virtually
  • You can even use referrals and affiliate groups to boost your business growth


  • Once the product is sold to the particular customer you cannot sell the same product to him again, so you need to find new customers every time to sell the product
  • Revenue is not recurring and stable
  • More money has to spent in marketing
  • It takes more time to create a new video course again

Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD): It is a model where users have to pay a particular fee monthly or yearly to access an entire library of video content an infinite number of times. If they stop paying the fees, the user loses access. It is the best model for fitness instructors as they want to build a client-based online fitness platform. In this model, the trainer adds and updates videos on these platforms so that users learn and stay updated. Trainers keep on adding multiple exercise videos, nutritional and health tips and different courses from time to time to keep users engaged.


  • Income flow is stable
  • You can sell video on an average from $12 to $15
  • Recurring income as user renew it monthly or yearly
  • Customers remain subscribed for a longer time
  • It can be easily promoted online and in-person


  • It takes time in creating video content regularly
  • Initially, it takes some time to make money

2. Planning your content

After selecting the business model and in the next step you have to plan your content of what type of online fitness course you are going to offer and how it looks on a client level.

You need to have a clear picture of what your online fitness program is all about. You need to have some plan before you start training. you need to know your goal before creating video content. You need to have some clear idea about

  • What am I going to teach
  • How am I going to teach
  • What are the important things needed
  • What do customers expect from us?

Next is the video content you create,it is what your audience engage and experience it.It is the step how you are going to create an online fitness program for :

  • Different intensity of workout from easy to difficult phase
  • Different experience levels from beginner to professional
  • Training plans
  • Health tips
  • Workout for particular body parts

It also depends upon how to do you make a video

  • Solo or in groups
  • Live videos or already recorded content
  • Will your course follow logical order or not

It is always better to plan your content before starting off your online fitness course

3. Building your own Video Platform

Building your own video platform that is a website and App for mobile remains the face of your online fitness program so through this people will come to know more about fitness courses, pricing and what kind of video is suitable for them. Well developed website is the most important thing to do as there are many video platform providers at present that build video platforms for fitness instructors. It is always better to choose a Video platform provider that builds you complete video streaming platforms with important features included such as

  • Website and Video player Customization tools.
  • Analytics dashboard
  • CMS
  • Video monetization options
  • Different payment options and
  • White-label video streaming
  • Both on-demand and live streaming capability

With a well-built video platform, you are ready to start and grow your Online fitness program

4.Setting up the Pricing Plan

Here comes the most important part as Fitness instructors find it difficult to fix a price for online courses. Most fitness instructors might be knowing the fees for real-time gym sessions but when it comes to online it is better to make market research what other fitness instructs are offering. If prices are too high users will look for other platforms and if prices are too low then the value of your online fitness program goes down. It should be fixed in such a way that it is affordable for all types of users. Set a price at a normal range and then increase it based on customer feedback. Consider giving a free trial for the first week for first-time users. Try to fix a higher price for live and personal training when compared to pre-recorded video content. For the Subscription model, you can sell video on an average from $12 to $15. For the Transaction-based model, You can sell video products on average between $75 and $100

5.Marketing Online Fitness Programs

Marketing online fitness programs is a most essential part that needs to be done after building your video platforms can be done through social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. You can make it through youtube by releasing short videos or trailers so you gain more traffic to your website. Sending out coupons, promo codes to attract an audience. Conducting referral programs making existing customers refer fitness courses to their family and friends. Setting up a newsletter campaign to retarget the audience who have visited our site. Giving out the free trial for a week to give the new users an experience with our new fitness platform

Wrapping up

Online Fitness Programs are Video-based training platforms where you can easily build, grow your business by reaching more people. It helps in easily selling your product to many people beyond borders to make money provided the content is good and engaging.

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You can also try selling workout programs on Tempokit is a platform that lets you sell workout programs on a website and your custom branded mobile app.

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Clear explanation of how to start an online fitness studio During this pandemic situation this article could serve very helpful for fitness instructors who are in idea of building an online fitness studio

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