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8 Ways to Repurpose Live Video to Increase Reach

Many businesses have started using Live video as a powerful tool for increasing user engagement. Many people fail to watch the live videos at the time of streaming, so it is always better to repurpose your live videos to increase the reach. Once you have finished live streaming, you should not just leave that content to fade out. Instead, you can break videos into some valuable small video content, can be used in various ways, and shared on social media channels. So that people who have not attended the live streaming might come back again to watch the recorded video.

Live video is the most engaging content. To reach business goals, you need to repurpose live video for more content in different formats and share it on other platforms. Here is the blog that tells eight different ways to repurpose live video content to increase reach and achieve business goals easily.

8 Different Ways to Repurpose Live Video to Increase Social Reach

1. Social Sharing the Live Video on Other Platforms.

If you have hosted live video on your own platform, then save the video on the device you used to live stream and then upload the video on popular social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn.

This helps reach a larger audience base as you have followers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and youtube. This simple process of downloading the recorded video and uploading it on different social media platforms helps in increasing the reach of the content.

2. Make a Shorter Video and Share it on Social Media.

Cut your live video content into shorter videos and share it on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Try to add subtitles to the video content because most people play video on newsfeed without sound. Adding shorter videos on social media platforms will make people watch replays or join the next live video. Always add CTA to the link to your website or video content.

Also, make short video clips and add them as stories on Instagram and Facebook. Add text captions to describe the main point about the story and add graphic effects like GIFs and stickers to make it more engaging content.

3. Take Screenshots of Live Videos and Share Them on Social Media.

Take screenshots of live video content and share them as a teaser on social media. Add a link to the main video content to entice the people to watch the video content. Resulting in more video engagement after the live broadcast.

4. Write a Blog Post and Embed a Live Stream.

Write a blog related to the live video you streamed earlier and add additional information. After completing the blog, add the video content link to the blog post. Otherwise, you can post the transcription itself and add a video link to the post. The blog may not be engaging as video content but having the text version of the video content increases SEO. The post will rank higher if it is well optimized, and your audience can find you easily.

5. Tweeting Quotes of the Live Stream on Twitter

You can also use Twitter as a better platform to increase video engagement. Take some quotes from your video content and post them on Twitter. You can also add screenshots of live videos and quotes as it is an effective marketing strategy as this will see an increase in retweets and social reach.

6. Converting Live Video into Podcasts

Most people nowadays listen to podcasts. Creating podcasts out of live video content will help reach audiences on Spotify, google play, apple podcasts, etc. With podcasts, you can reach audiences who never watch videos. For creating podcasts, audio quality must be high to keep users listening. Remove unnecessary sections and background noises to keep audio content interesting to listeners.

7. Add Video Link to Emails

Email marketing remains the cheapest and most effective marketing strategy. You can promote live video content by adding links to the newsletter. You can attach the edited smaller video with email and send it to email subscribers. Add Screenshots of the video or Video thumbnail to let people know about the video. Make your email as enticing as possible so that email subscribers click through the link to watch the video.

8. Convert Small Video clips into GIFs

Many people love GIFs, and they are also so funny. Create your own GIFs from funny scenes in live video content. You can use these GIFs across all social media channels to increase reach. Try to add text to GIFs as these images have no sounds. This is to highlight some events in live video content and help people understand what’s happening in GIFs.


More and more people are moving towards social media to increase live video content reach. Creating engaging video content like to have more reach. With eight ways to repurpose live video content to increase reach, as mentioned above, we hope you will find it very helpful to make live content reach more people. Never think about what to do next after live streaming again. Follow the steps mentioned above and start to repurpose your live video to increase social reach. Learning how to repurpose live content is one of the important ways to improve your business brand.

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Padma Priya M

Following these steps after live streaming video content will help video content have a broader reach.

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8 ways to repurpose live videos, I will try to use these strategies for my upcoming live streaming. Thanks for sharing

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Thanks for listing out the important things to consider to repurpose live video content