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Discussion on: [DISCUSSION] Thoughts on the growth of tech in Nigeria

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Promise Akpan

Everyone wants to leave, sadly including myself. This impedes the growth of tech simply because amidst the unfriendly environment, you know the drill: lack of power, cost of internet data etc, we still try to survive.
Place these people in a favorable environment where you get the value of what is paid for and have constant power supply, imagine the wonders and potentials these people will unlock.

Everyone leaving will affect the growth negatively, but the question remains that if we all leave, who will fix these issues?

Who will solve this power problem once and for all, provide top notch internet data at affordable prices, and make the environment safe and serene to allow us work and be better?

The chances of anyone leaving to come back and make substantial improvement is really slim. So we should not bank on that at all.

In my opinion, eventually the change-makers will be the ones who had had it with the system and are really passionate to make the environs better for all to grow.

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Great point. Would love to see a piece that shows what's really going on there from someone who lives there and that inspires people to do something about it.