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It seems like it was just few days ago I got the email from Juno saying that I have been accepted in their Web Development Immersive Bootcamp. I was so excited that I was going to enrol in the best coding bootcamp in Toronto. But besides the excitement, there was always a part of me who was nervous of starting the journey as “coding bootcamp” was entirely a new experience for me. Previously, I survived earning a Bachelor degree in engineering and an MBA but all of those degrees were from traditional educational system; and almost everyone around me has been in these system. But before starting the bootcamp, I hardly knew someone who has survived the journey and could give me some first hand insights about it. So as a bootcamp survivor I thought of sharing some insights which might be useful for someone who is going to start their journey.

Preparation before Bootcamp:

Coding bootcamps are really intensive. You have to spend eight hours a day, five days a week; and sometimes after school hours and even the weekend for completing the project work due. There are lots of new concepts you come through everyday which you have to absorb and apply on your projects shortly. So the pressure of deadline is real and its going to hit you hard. To survive this pressure, I believe the bootcamp students should go over some of the study material at least once before starting the bootcamp. I found the resources available online and also some courses in udemy very helpful in this case.

Eat Well, Sleep Tight, Meet Friends

During the bootcamp, coding becomes the core focus of life. But those weeks when I didn’t prepared my weekly meal I ate junk foods, spent lots of money in restaurants. Those weekends that I spent doing only the homeworks and not meeting my friends and families, made me exhausted afterwards. And the sleepless nights didn’t let me concentrate on my class. So doesn’t matter how busy we are in the bootcamps, we should never forget to eat well, have a good night sleep and spending some time with our loved ones.

Psychological Training

I think the hardest thing in bootcamp is to train our mind not to compare ourselves with others. Even if I tried to soothe myself telling that everyone’s journey is different and everyone has his or her own learning pace I had hard time training my mind with that philosophy. I am still trying everyday to teach myself not feeling intimidated seeing other peoples progress but to feel rewarded when we learn a new thing make little progress everyday.

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